Of all the things I didn’t think I’d learn today, Amber Rose is getting dragged to court by none other than Wiz Khalifa’s mom. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

By all accounts Wiz and Amber had gotten past their disagreements and were happily bringing up Bash in a co-op, but Wiz Khalifa’s mom still isn’t a fan of Miss Rose. The  Washington County Observer Report picked up on the report that Katie Wimbush-Polk is filing a defamation lawsuit against Amber Rose.

Stemming from a conversation Rose had with Danesa Letic (a friend of Wimbush-Polk), between a back and forth apparently there were some pretty harsh words directed at Wiz’s mom, inciting criminality- this went on to hinder Katie Wimbush-Polk’s attempt to apply as a mentor for at-risk youths.

The lawsuit is demanding $50K upfront, including court costs, interest, punitive among other damages for claims made on the phone by Rose, including that Wimbush-Polk was responsible for the death of her son,Dorien Thomaz. Harsh words for any mom to hear.

Rumor has it this all stems from Wiz’s mom calling child services on Amber Rose back in June, which likely was the right thing to do.  Amber ahs yet to respond to the claim.


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