Cee-Lo Green has made quite the splash in the past for some of his more eclectic fashion choices and how he’s presented himself; in the latest Grammy’s, Cee-Lo appeared as a golden god, but there’s one catch. Cee-Lo says he wasn’t there.

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A majestic fat man wearing a golden tunic arrived on a motorcycle and everyone agreed that the visage was Cee-Lo, but the singer claimed that it was his alter-ego, Gnarly Davidson, that walked down the red carpet. “Oh that’s somebody else altogether, man,” Cee-Lo said to TMZ reporters that caught up with him while leaving the West Hollywood restaurant in Delilah.

“I don’t know bro, I wasn’t there.” Cee-Lo Green’s golden attire was one of the most memorable images of the Grammy’s this year, and without a doubt it’s a shameless if successful stunt to promote the music of Gnarly Davidson.

Late last year Green staged a stunt in which his iPhone exploded; two days later Davidson released his debut single “Fuck Me I’m Famous” and two days after the Grammy’s, Davidson dropped a redux of “Jay Z’s Girl” called “Jessie Girl.”

“I’ve been hearing about the guy,” Green told TMZ. “He’s cool. Keep it up Gnarly! I’m becoming a fan.”

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