Last month’s Dave Chapelle’s SNL hosted episode has been claimed to be one of the best episodes in a long time for SNL, just the boost it’s been needing; not everyone was pleased with Chapelle’s performance, as the FCC has received complaints from plenty of angry viewers regarding the episode.

The Federal Communications Commission received a deluge of complaints for Chappelle’s depiction of Trump’s America, a skit which brought back the return of many of his beloved Chapelle show characters.

Citing “racist, vulgor and slanderous” language, one woman wrote to the FCC saying,

“I would like for someone to inform me as to why NBC can get away with having Dave Chappelle on SNL speak the “N” word over and over, yet the closed captions show N—– so that the hearing impaired are not subject to what I had to hear. This in my opinion is discrimination pure and simple. I would like an explanation as to why my husband was blocked from reading the actual word that was broadcast.”

The FCC has tirelessly responded to each complaint one by one, informing those who chose to voice their opinions that they did not have the power to censor the SNL content, however several local networks decided not to air Chapelle’s segment due to the language. What do you think? Check out the full monologue below.

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