Thursday night Dave East popped a bottle of champagne with his crew and celebrated their success, from the streets to the newest signee of Def Jams.

Kairi Chanel is the first album to drop as East’s official signing with Def Jams, who gave rise to artists like Jay Z, LL Coo J, Method Man, etc.

“This is a big moment for me, my whole team, my whole family and everyone that’s been supporting since day one,” East told a crowd in the sneaker shop where he was about to perform, “I just appreciate the fact that they let a real n*gga in the building, and the streets are f*cking with it.”

Kairi Chanel is named after Dave East’s daughter, which was written during the height of the pregnancy where East would argue over the phone with his woman amid producing. With titles like “Don’t Shoot” to “It Was Written,” East talks about his pain and experiences with the police.

It’s been a long journey in coming, but this is the first step for East in what we believe to be a powerful career- “This shit came from nothing, for real. It looks dope to like the pic, but I was f*cked up. I ain’t have a chain, nothin’,” East said before the end of the sneaker shop event. “This is me now, but this is what I made a year ago. … I’m just getting started.”

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