When Lil Wayne was locked up, he said that it wasn’t really until P Diddy and Kanye West visited him in prison that the reality of his situation really hit him. Weezy was locked up for 8 months in New York’s Rikers Island Jail back in 2010 after he was found guilty of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, and seeing some of his famous friends visit him while locked up reminded him of just how heavy his position was.

“When I was there, actually talking to them during the visitation, they made it so real,” he told the AP. “They threw all the ‘Who’s in this room’ out of there. That was thrown out the window.

“They were like, ‘How you feeling? What are you going through? Do you need anything, like do you really need anything? Do your parents need anything?’ And then, I said the moment it hit me was going back up to the cell.”

Gone ‘Till November, a diary of Wayne’s time in prison has recently been released and in his memoirs Wayne said just how much the prison staff and his fellow inmates had to do with how he got through his time behind bars.

“It was due to the people around (me),” he said. “When I say the people around me, I mean the prisoners, the guards. … They took all the cliche (out) of whatever I thought it was gonna be, they took that and threw it right out the window. They made me feel like, for lack of a better word, to say like I was at home. And it was everybody. … Nobody wants to be there, not even the guards. So when you come through there, for everybody to treat you the same. … Whatever it was, it worked.”

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