For those unaware, model India Love was the originator of the beef between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy, after Yachty asked Soulja to remove some photos and Soulja pulled out the Draco and started making threats. India Love is on the radar once more, being the latest model to have a sex tape leak online, with a woman some are claiming to be Kehlani.

In a 20-second recording, the video shows a clear recording of Love in full splendor (or what is assumed to be from the visible tattoos), however there’s an additional mysterious hand stroking love in the background.

The arm in question is assumed to be female due to the manicured white fingernails, and is covered in tattoos; by logical deduction, the sole culprit is logically Kehlani, or so the internet has come to believe.

The Shade Room covered the story, and Kehlani stepped in to the comments to set the record straight regarding her role in the video; “poppin in to say I have hand and knuckle tattoos, it’s not me guys leave me outtttt this one.” For what it’s worth, Lil Yachty seemed to be completely out of the loop on this one, and was surprised as everyone else when he woke up this morning and checked social.

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