While Kanye is reported by TMZ to be feeling much better after his psychotic rant at a show in California, all may not be as well as it seems; TMZ has shed some light on Yeezy’s life outside of the show, and apparently there’s trouble brewing with his and Kim’s luxury private mansion.

Already the hidden mansion in Hidden Hills, California has cost the couple more than an estimated $10 million, much if not all of which is Kim’s money. On a talk show with her sister Chloe, Kim said that she had personally already sunk $8M into the project due to the many changes Kanye demanded of the contractors.

The original purchase price of the property totaled $20M, and the property itself has been a major sense of turmoil between the two since 2014. This year has been a rough year for the couple, hopefully they’ll be able to start the new year off fresh.

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