Lil Wayne called it like he sees it from his eyes and time in the rap game, in an interview on Undisputed. Wayne was saying, “My crowd has always been everybody” and that the only black face in his audience was his makeup artist.

Today we’ve got news stories of Kaepernick not standing for the anthem along with other major stars, and with a racially charged nation right now we can’t help but ask what the situation is. From Lil Wayne’s perspective, having grown up in New Orleans he just hasn’t experienced racism in the same way as the rest of the nation. Not trying to embellish it, Wayne wasn’t playing in to the feels and trying to aggravate with information that wasn’t real, just his own experiences.

Based on what he’s seen, fans from every race and color from a younger crowd Wayne said he didn’t think there was racism anymore in this country. At least it’s a right step in the right direction for the younger generation.

“I don’t want to be bashed, because I don’t want to seem like I’m on the wrong side,” Wayne said. “But I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism.”

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