Before 2017 is through, Lil Wayne may be releasing as many as 4 major projects; it’s been some time since Weezy dropped anything big, but Young Money CEO Mack Maine, it’s possible that we’ll see the release of Carter V, Velvet, Funeral and Dedication 6 during 2017.

“I have a bunch of projects coming out,” Lil Wayne said to Deion Sanders on an NFL GameDay appearance. “I have new groups coming out. We got a new sports thing going on right now. We helping some artists out, we helping some athletes out. I have a lot of things coming out. I don’t like to give ‘em titles and names of anything because we don’t know what we’re going to drop first.”

There’s more than just solo Weezy work coming out though, further in Lil Wayne dropped the bomb that collabs with Drizzy and Nicki may be in the works;

“I gave my managers a handful of things to do and to put out and that’s just up to them to sort out like a [playbook],” he said. “It’s just up to them to sort out what plays go first and what should we do in the first quarter, what should we do in the second quarter. We get in a tight situation, what should we do? And you already know, I got my key players, I got my Nickis, I got my Drizzys, so we’re gonna be alright,” he said, just as Nicki Minaj walked up behind him.

Check out HotNewHipHop’s social post below for the interview itself!

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