Making the XXL Freshman list, whether you’re a fan of Lil Yachty or not the Minnesota rapper has had an undeniably successful year; beyond signing a new record and appearing in a Sprite commercial, Yachty can now add his own merch line to his list of 2016 accomplishments.

In collaboration with Ikon New York, Lil Yachty has released 5 limited edition items, 2 of which are taken directly from Lil Yachty’s videos.

Yachty’s The Sailing Team Baseball Jersey appeared in his Fader documentary, and shows off a two-toned red and white look. The hockey jersey that appears in his Minnesota video also is for sale, with the reaming 3 items being emblazoned tee’s with Lil Yachty bars.

If you want any of the Lil Yachty merch you’re going to have to drop some heavy cash for them; the tees start at $40, with the most expensive item costing $228+. Check out Ikon New York’s online store and grab your limited edition Lil Yachty merch before it all sails away.

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