Bill Murray has turned into an icon for many as his unusual spin on humor has garnered him a huge following throughout the world. The man is known for his hijinks, such as signing different stars names when asked for autographs, as well as turning up to talk shows in outlandish outfits, from Peter Pan to Elvis. Murray has lent his bizarre take on humor to a variety of movies, also showing a more serious side in some of his films, but there can be no doubt that he’s cemented his place in movie history, some of our arms in the form of unique tattoos along with many of our hearts.

This October, he’ll also be the 19th recipient of the Mark Twain prize for Humor.

Over the course of his 4-decade career, hits like Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters and others have become classics along with dozens of others that Kennedy Center president Deborah F. Rutter saying that over his career Bill Murray has charmed us with a variety of characters through unforgettable performances that continue to amuse us to this day.

“His unique brand of humor seems to defy time itself — always remaining relevant and relatable to new audiences,” seems like an apt enough description of the myth and legendary man himself.

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