Snoop dropped some praise on Mayweather’s digs out in Vegas when he dropped by to the gym in preparation for Mayweather’s big fight with Connor McGregor.

Mayweather owns the Las Vegas gym and has welcomed celebrities in the past- yesterday as TMZ reported , Snoop Dogg was added to that list. Rolling up to the location, The Doggfather was blown away by Mayweather’s diggs- Snoop actually works for the UFC in a commentating role (which is worth watching just for the hell of it), but it’s clear he’s not opposed to boxing as he hugged it out with Mayweather upon seeing him.

Snoop was floored that Mayweather actually owned the facility instead of just renting it laying some heavy respect but it seems the praise was mutual- Mayweather had nothing but good to say about Snoop, with the fighter going so far to lay praise on Snoop’s cologne.

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