Suge Knight is bringing a heavy lawsuit against Dr. Dre, saying the hip hop mogul bought off a hitman to kill him, rather than pay Suge 30% of his entertainment earnings from is Beats by Dre deal. Suge Knight and Dr. Dre reportedly had a lifetime management deal that entitled Knight to 30% of all of Dr. Dre’s entertainment earnings.

Beats by Dre made Dr. Dre hip hop’s first billionaire, and the suit names Dre, Apple, Universal and Tams Burgers as defendants for an unspecified amount of damages, including his cut of the $3.2 billion Apple purchase of Beats from Dre.

Suge was shot 7 times at the 1 OAK nightclub, and despite 37 cameras at the venue, no one has yet been arrested. Knight is also suing Chris Brown for not providing proper security at the event. The hitman lawsuit comes from a police report, stating an individual who goes by the name T-Money claimed he was paid $300,000 by Dr. Dre to take care of the “Suge Problem.”

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