Travis Scott and Quavo worked well together on “Pick Up The Phone” last year; it seems Scott is taking notes from Drake, and is handing out gifts to his brothers in the game. Recently Travis Scott gifted Quavo a $60,000 diamond encrusted chain.

“To the honcho way, the non-misunderstanding way, one brother to another brother way, all diamond 60,000 way, our way,” said Scott after gifting his Atlanta brother rapper. Quavo carefully unveils the masterpiece to the cameraman and gently drapes it around his neck, next to his other treasures.

“Yeah welcome to the game,” the Migos rapper said. Scott joins a long list of brotherly love and tradition of gifting in recent times that includes Drake to 21 Savage and French Montana, Jay Z to Big Sean and Young Thug to Lil Uzi Vert.

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