When it comes to Vince Staples, he’s already proven that there’s more than meets the eye however he’s recently shared information about a potential new venture beyond music; video game production.

Staples had partnered with Ubisoft, providing some music for the second installment of the game the first of which titled Watch Dogs, Kevin Staples apparently played quite a bit of.

“When I played the first Watch Dogs, I finished it very quickly,” Staples said to VIBE in a recent interview. “It’s so relatable in the fact it ties the world around us into it. It’s crazy when you think about it.”

Staples expressed excitement over an online mode in Watch Dogs 2 that wasn’t present in the first iteration; “There’s an online mode this year, you could get on with your homies and hack some shit, steal some money, there is a gun if you want to use it. But the game is set to where you don’t have to do anything.”

While he looked forward to the possibility of one day creating his own game, for the moment the only skills he possesses towards game creation is his skills as a gamer, artist and his unbridled creativity; knowing his past, we shouldn’t count him out of game production yet.

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